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Underground Rivers and Streams

Isiah 43:19- See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

"Beloved. believe not every spirit. but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

I John 4:1

"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. I Timothy 4:1

this will be as difficult as Galileo trying to prove the sun was the center of the solar system to the church

Let me see how many Christians I can offend here in the following treatise. Not that I want to but the erroneous lessons being dispensed for the last seventeen hundred years have been taught so persuasively and persistently and for such a long time now that the believers are in a very deep state of trance or mass hypnosis. But here goes anyway. At least it will be an interesting and exciting ride.

Having said that..I must add..there are those that are “predetermined” to belong to that great Army of God..Joels Army. (see Joel 2 and read on). There will be an army of God, guaranteed, they are appointed and they are Gods anointed. and they will be forged into a mighty force to represent God on earth. This mighty force of truly Spirit realized Christians..wil attack and conquer all that oppose it, and all that stand in their way. This mighty army will be carriers of the fire and will prevail against any and all opposition from the enemy..because God Has A Plan!

Like rivers and streams on the surface of the earth we have many religions in many many forms. The Christian religion has had a very checkered history and has assumed a wide variety of forms..each claiming to be the most perfect “river of truth” or the healthiest, purest water or the latest and most updated tributary, ie. closer to the original source of the fountain of truth of the scriptures in all its attributes and beliefs. The fatal flaw in all of them is that they all ignorantly, subconsciously, and enviously, copy the Roman Catholic Church notion of a single “supreme” leader (Pastor, Priest,, Pope, etc.), and a central government, that they (the Roman version of the early church), copied from the political system of the Roman Empire form existent at the time the Roman church. If, like Janus, we look backwards to the origins of that philosophy we discover that same efficient but worldly form was inherited it from the ancient and cursed form from ancient Babylon the aftermath of the original man made system that reached its zenith and was destroyed by God when he scattered mankind into many different languages to confuse humanity, at Babel when he brought down their efforts to build a tower to heaven without His instructions or permission. It is the epitome of mans desire to erect material edifices and temples to parade in and receive honors and tribute from their fellow man.

The Roman Catholic Church dominated (and decimated) Christianity, and repressed any other form that had developed within the long arms of the un “Holy” Roman empire. That form that prevails today usually requires a central “corporate” headquarters from which its satellite churches are all connected. As you watch the birth of any new effort today..the tiny storefront variety, the intimate “home church”, the “breakaway” garden variety of today's “let's do it right this time” rebellion against the status quo, they always are formed around one dynamic person. One leader that the others all look to for that warm fuzzy feeling of adoration, so they can kow- tow and kick back and relax like adolescents grooving on their game shows or video games (or zealously work their little behinds off to bring others into their “special” spiritual nursery). Then, as they grow and prosper they inevitably “go public”, rent that humble storefront, empty church building, or cut a deal with their local the Seventh Day Adventist church to have a Sunday service because the Adventists only hold services on Saturdays to escape the crime of Sunday meetings they consider heretical, (of course they don’t mind the income from the heretics)

The Roman Catholic version that has evolved over the centuries is the oldest and in terms of numbers the most dominant Christian sect (actually the largest cult), and all the rest of the Protestant versions as much as they claim to have reformed the Roman Church have really only changed slightly the form, the trappings, the garments and costumes of the priesthood, and change the focus to other simpler sets of doctrines, but still reform and reorganize themselves in the same hierarchal, male dominated, corporate structure, ignoring the absolute autonomy of the “local” churches that were intended by God, in the New Testament.

Churches today are loathe to admit that they are violating Gods plan for His church as they blithely shape their “reformed” churches into mini corporations with mini Vatican's and petite popes as Pastor Kings, to spread their reformations and sometimes “doctrines of devils” like the Rapture idea, a goofy “escapist” proclamation made by John Darby am eminent theologian of the 1800’s, that apparently heard it first from a Scottish parishioner/prophetess Margaret Macdonald in 1830, who claimed she had a vision that suggested the “rapture” idea to her as she lay dying in her home. See how that notion has proliferated throughout the entire organism called “the body of Christ”? I’ll have a tough time challenging that carnal belief since it suggests that the Christian will not have to face the fiery trials and tribulations that the antichrist engineers, and which are soon to come..but will be “rapturously” lifted away into the sky, hopefully and blissfully with their luxury cars and TV sets no doubt ..and their credit cards in case they run out of some necessities “up there”. Later in this book I will present a much more de”light”ful experience available to all Christians, so they like Paul himself acknowledged, along the lines, when he proclaimed

2 Corinthians 12:1-10

I must go on boasting. Although there is nothing to be gained, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was “caught up” to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know--God knows. And I know that this man--whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows-- was caught up to paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell. I will boast about a man like that, but I will not boast about myself, except about my weaknesses.”

Remember the crux of the rapture notion seems to be “that we shall all be taken up in a twinkling of an eye”, so once I can explain what that means in depth you hopefully will change your perspective and jettison that fictional flesh loving, collective fantasy, for the honest truth. “We shall all be taken up in a twinkling of an eye" is a scripture that I shall use often because it is so vital to becoming like Him and acquiring “the mind of Christ” that we will so desperately need to survive the soon coming battles for our spiritual loyalty. Remember Christian, “even the very elect will be deceived” unless He shorten the Day.

So there you have it. As Paul himself said there really is no place to go. Heaven is not in this is located inside each of us and it is in another dimension or sphere..but inside. Remember “The Kingdom of God is “within”, so forget the escape plans dear flesh, just dig deeper inside to find that spring of pure clean water inside your belly says Jesus..”living water’ and hydro electric power untapped. I’ll go into more depth about all this later as we explore our source of light on earth, the sun, and how it corresponds to the pure Light of Gods presence and His world apart from this fallen one. Like a camera lens the sun is a reduced form or focus of Gods light, mind, power, radiance, take your pick, of His spiritual essence, and it is a peek or keyhole into Paradise. It is the door, the gate into, the portal, the main street, the power supply and food for the trip, the manna that came to them in the morning daily to the children of Israel as they inched by stiff necked inch their way across the desert towards that “promised land” we all long to inhabit.

Can we as modern Christians learn from the past..the Old Ways, that we need to discard? that stubborn and stiff necked attitude that clings to the“leeks and garlic” of Egypt, as we attempt the crossing of the dessert of carnal inconveniences to enter in to the wonders and “joy unspeakable and full of glory” (I will show you later that we literally can be filled with that effervescent glory), state of mind?

In Gods plan the local church is autonomous and should be thought of as simply a “radiant” cell of His cosmic “body” of believers with Himself as the Head, the almighty sovereign and ruler of each of the local communities called local churches, one in each town. Instead of that original ie biblical model we have countless rulers, or single leaders in the many local churches today. Innumerable objects of our attention and desires (false gods I might add).

The New Testament church was created in each city, town or village that the Apostles traveled to as they announced the Gospel to the then known world. As a single cell of the mystical body only, the localized church and, any and all of its doctrines or beliefs, some of which were the result of their carnally minded, unbiblical or biblically borderline at best, that become part of the groups “beliefs”, because of their “itching ears”, can be confined to that assembly and dealt with as a heresy (by the Apostolic ministers) before it spreads throughout the organism like a rampant cancer. Like Paul had to do wherever he reveled throughout Asia Minor and the other regions of the world, he had to be constantly dealing with false doctrines that inevitably would creep into the infant church from Satan's saddle bags, as he followed Paul, sowing his seeds of dissension's, false doctrines, quickening the many false prophets, inciting clamor, sending argumentative lording and divisive spirits, spiritual pride, and all the rest of his arsenal of dirty tricks much like today as many of the televangelists spread their political, carnal and worldly biases, deceits, opinions, and false teachings to the entire body of avid TV watchers lounging around whining to be fed by the celebrity evangelist, like the Pied Piper leading all the global viewers, (spiritual lemmings) to the very edge of spiritual destruction. Of course dear reader that does not include you.

If the Holy Spirit has something fresh and new to tell the church, she (yes this is not a typo..She..but more about her later) is perfectly capable of doing so..if the churches were set up properly as receivers of instruction and revelations like the bible teaches.

Every so often mostly in American churches, there is a movement or a reformation commonly (academically) called Restorationism. It is an effort to reform Churchianity that typifies a religious movement that makes an effort to rediscover and/or reestablish the original form of Christianity from the first-century dynamism of the or Apostolic era. Restorationist movements and denominations make the argument that the Roman Catholic Church essentially changed much of what Jesus Christ and the scriptures and his Apostles taught. They added to the Word with their own invented doctrines over the centuries sometimes to placate the inhabitants of the new territories they occupied as an arm of the conquering state they served and collaborated with.

The religious movements referred to as Restorationists ordinarily sought a restoration of "primitive" or first-century Christianity that is described from its birth in the book of Acts and is further defined in its form through the rest of the New Testament by the writings of Paul and the other Apostles. But God holds all the cards when it comes to advancing His plans for mankind and He shares them with His people “with eyes to see and ears to hear”, and always has streams and rivers of knowledge to feed His people that really care for Him and are not satisfied by the pottage handed out by the Pharisees of each and every generation peddling their wares to an unwary herd of sheep.

I believe that the true church, the Bride of Christ, has been hidden but always available to mankind. For example, during the thousand years or so of the dark ages there were “underground” streams and rivers of believers gathered together in secret, who had access to information about the scriptures and more profound interpretations than taught by the surface church and its fanatical dogmas forced upon the unwitting masses. One prime example is found in the study of the legends (first German then French of the Holy Graal, Alchemy, and even the secretive artistic guilds (stone masons the forerunners of the Masons of today), that designed and built the fabulous cathedrals in the middle ages. Cathedrals that inspired the masses and lifted their consciousness up out of the miry clay and swamps of ignorance and the fatigue of slave labor to their masters, the Kings and Princes of Europe, in ways impossible before.

Remember, they did not have access to the scriptures before Guttenberg “rolled his presses” (actually flattened since they were plates or wooden panels at first) for the first time. Plus they were for the most part illiterate and lived lives filled with fear and suspicions because of the lack of knowledge and superstitions that haunted and beset them. That long and dreadful period of hundreds of years during the dark ages before the “Enlightenment”, and Renaissance, before the development of chemistry, medicine, knowledge, and eventually in what what we call the sciences.

Sir Isaac Newton, the accredited “Father of Science” who almost single-handedly created the form and context, rules and disciplines, observations, vocabulary and discoveries that we now enjoy and take for granted, left behind over one million words in his personal journals and letters of correspondence to friends and colleagues, treatises on alchemical thought and in fact what we call chemistry is an outgrowth of that symbolic “psychological” system that was encoded in esoteric language and presented to the serious truth seeker as a discipline and the psychological and intellectual resource, using natures ingredients of metals, salts, minerals, the moon, the sun and the planets as symbolic information to transform their carnal nature, thoughts and beliefs into the spiritual gold that rewards those diligent assayers with an eternal deposit in their spirits.
Bro Newton, who stated his view that, the bible, as well as other ancient sometimes hidden or concealed esoteric systems of study inherited from the ancients, like the Stoics, Pythagoreans',
all contained “Truths” that were above the common herd, under the veil of religious rites and numerical symbols Amongst these mysteries, he believed was the knowledge that the earth orbited the sun and not vice-versa as the then above ground church was teaching devilishly, "it was the most ancient opinion that the planets revolved about the sun, that the earth, as one of the planets, described an annual course about the sun, while a diurnal motion, it turned on its axis, and that the sun remained at rest."

Newton's profound intellect and scholarship enabled him to lay the foundations of physics as a modern intellectual discipline. His specific achievements had included epoch making discoveries in mechanics, optics, astronomy, and mathematics (the binomial theorem and the differential and integral calculus), huge steps forward in the understanding of the nature of light, and -above all else- the formulation of the universal law of gravitation which had altered forever mankind's vision of the cosmos.

What was much less well known about the great English scientist, however, was the fact that he had spent a significant part of his adult life deeply immersed in Hermetic and Alchemical literature (more than one tenth of his personal library had been taken up with alchemical treatises) Furthermore, he had been obsessed, -literally obsessed- with the notion that a "secret" wisdom lay concealed within the pages of Scriptures: Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel of the Old Testament and John of the Revelation particularly attracted him because–'the language of the prophetic writings was symbolic and hieroglyphical and their interpretation required a radically different "method" of thinking.

Newton's pursuit of this method perhaps explained why he had immersed himself in an exacting study of some twenty different versions of the Book of Revelation. He had learned Hebrew in order to do the job properly, and had then carried out a similarly meticulous exercise on the book of Ezekiel. It was established that he had drawn on the information contained in this latter work to produce a painstaking reconstruction in a model form of the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon described and detailed in the bible. Why?. Because he had been convinced that the great edifice built to house the Ark of the Covenant, had been a kind of cryptogram of the universe; if he could decipher this cryptogram, he had believed, then he would know the mind of God (in some matters.)

Meanwhile the seventeenth-century scientist had expressed his other 'theological' findings and observations in private writings that had totaled well over a million words. In the mid-twentieth century these rather surprising manuscripts came to light and were purchased at auction by John Maynard Keynes. "Newton was not the first of the age of reason,' the obviously shaken economist later told the Royal Society, the last great mind which looked out on the world with the same eyes as those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than ten thousand years ago.' Keynes made an extremely careful study of the manuscripts and concluded -significantly-” in my view- that Newton saw the whole universe and all that is in it as a riddle, as a secret which could be read by applying pure thought to certain evidence, certain mystic clues which God had hid about the world to allow a sort of philosopher's treasure hunt to esoteric or hidden knowledge. He believed that these clues were to be found partly in the evidence of the heavens and in the constitution of the elements, but also partly in certain papers and traditions handed down by “the brethren” in an unbroken chain back to the original cryptic revelation.”

Isaac Newton: "I looked a very little while upon ye sun in a looking-glass with my right eye and then turned my eyes into a dark corner of my chamber and winked to observe the impression made and the circles of colors which encompassed it and how they decayed by degrees and at last vanished. This I repeated a second and a third time. At the third time when the phantasm of light and colors about it were almost vanished, intending my phansy upon them to see their last appearance I found to my amazement that they began to return and by little and little to become as lively and vivid as when I had newly looked upon the sun. But when I ceased to intend my phansy upon them they vanished again. After this I found that as often as I went into the dark and intended my mind upon them as when a man looks earnestly to see any thing which is difficult to be seen, I could make the phantasm return without looking any more upon the sun. And the oftener I made it return, the more easily I could make it return again. And at length by repeating this without looking any more upon the sun I made such an impression on my eye that if I looked upon the clouds or a book or any bright object I saw upon it a round bright spot of light like the sun. And, which is still stranger, though I looked upon the sun with my right eye only and not with my left, yet my phansy began to make the impression upon my left eye as well as upon my right. For if I shut my right eye and looked upon a book or the clouds with my left eye I could see the spectrum of the sun almost as plain as with my right eye, if I did but intend my phansy a little while upon it. For at first if I shut my right eye and looked with my left, the spectrum of the Sun did not appear till I intended my phansy upon it; but by repeating this, appeared every time more easily. And now in a few hours time I had brought my eyes to such a pass that I could look upon no bright object with either eye but I saw the sun before me, so that I durst neither write nor read but to recover the use of my eyes shut myself up in my chamber made dark for three days together and used all means to divert my imagination from the Sun. For if I thought upon him I presently saw his picture though I was in the dark." [The Correspondence of Isaac Newton, vol. III (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1961) pp. 153-154]
(The survey of Newton is partly from “The Sign and the Seal “ by Graham Hancock, a Touchstone Book, Simon
and Schuster, 1992)

Since the beginning of the Church at Pentecost two thousand years ago there has been a gradual loss of vital truths that the early Christians shared and that the Apostles taught to their flocks. The enemy has plundered the treasures that rightfully belong to God’s people and in his cleaverness and expert deceitfulness has managed to put a veneer of his own concoctions over them in order to disguise and hide their value from those that have chosen to follow Jesus and have experienced that priceless gift that we call “Salvation”.

Many of the jewels of Truth have been stolen away by craft and cunning as the "New Pharisees" creating new laws and ordinances erected false frameworks and false doctrines and false teachers and prophets by the thousands in their constant and evil machinations and stealth designed to undermine and disarm the “People of God”.

Early in the formation of the New Testament church the efforts of Satan were patently obvious as the Apostles wrestled with the invisible forces that were unleashed against the infant church in its radical departure from the established Jewish religion and its various schisms and traditions present during and after the ministry of Jesus and after His death by their hands and His amazing Resurrection and reappearance to the bewildered Apostles and disciples a few days later.

One of the major underground streams that carried some of the vital spiritual nutrients and practices was the community we call the Essenes today.
The Essenes were a communal community of Jews that had dedicated themselves to the preparation of themselves for the long predicted Teacher of Rightousness that the Old Testament described would reform the Jewish religions and herald a great awakening and restoration of the ancient truths that the scriptures described through the mouths and lives of the prophets. The Kingdom of Heaven was destined to be combined with the Kingdom of Earth and the King of Rightousness would take His Throne and install God’s spiritual ralities on earth for all to enjoy..and the curse of death and the dominion of Satan would be crushed and destroyed forever forces


My yoke (yoga) is easy my burden is light.”

It is an unfortunate tendency in virtually all of the world religions that they become very insular and possessive. When people began to organize Christianity, to place dogmas and rigid rules around it, Christianity had the misfortune to be scarred with battles between sects, intolerance of other races and culture, and male authoritarianism. Nevertheless, I believe there is a real Christian Yoga that stands beyond that, and talks about universal principles. When Newton discovered the process of gravity he did not tell people they could only receive instruction in it if they belonged to a certain society or group. It was a principle universal in nature. Likewise, what the earliest Christians found is in a similar category.

You do not have to believe in and apply a lot of rules and dogmatic regulations described by organizing bodies to use the principles of electricity. But many of us see Christianity as needing to live rigid rules and regulations laid down by the organized church. But the underlying principles are about universal processes. Even if we believe the idea of a personal God, it is strange that a being that is said to have created the universe limits any approach to itself to a particular organization or sect.

A study of Newton and his childlike mental agility will prove to be the basis for a whole new form for Christianity to finally fit into. Finally Christ will be described in His fullness as the holistic unifier of the entire cosmos..the Grand Architect of everything we call life and all it contains, animal, vegetable, mineral and man, all part of the One “unified field” and His Oneness as the creator and sustainer of everything. Another part of this effort to redefine (enlarge the general perception..connect all the dots between Science and Religion), Christ as the intelligent governor, designer, and Master Builder of the entire creation, and all that is in it, will be that “New Science” itself. Like Newton's study of Solomon's Temple as is detailed in the bible, and the scale model he built, the New Science will be shown to be the model and methodology to be studied and practiced to prepare us spiritually as citizens of “light” in the New Heavens and the New Earth. As members of this movement and departure from the old ways of traditions of men, (I call that old, decayed, and ossified impulse, Uncle Traditions Of Men) and a return to the Full Gospel of the whole bible and its revelations, we move into the final stages of our evolution here on earth to conform to the perfect man Christ wills, to our everlasting benefit. As it is described in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride for her husband.”

then a bit later we see..Revelation 22:1-5

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.

So, as soon as we get started on this project of the final stages of spiritual transformation the better. What we will be doing is ridding ourselves of the global dependence on oil, the commodity that has almost ruined the world with its nasty side affects like wars and such. It did get the Model A and T’s running and souped up “progress” and mechanization across the country and the world, but the cost in pollution, wars, political wrangling, and technological inefficiency has passed up its usefulness a long time ago. In the New Jerusalem, the sun will be the fuel of choice as we transition to the ultimate of Gods purest “Glory” light. In other words we will bring back together again Science (Reason) and Religion just like Newton did in the 1600’s and just like God almighty did in the beginning before we fell from grace and were banished from paradise with a “flaming” sword “turning in all directions” (again, visualize in your minds eye the sphere created by a “flaming” sword turning in ALL directions, and you will see the sun), guarding the way back into Gods Kingdom. Incidentally don't waste time trying to square Darwin's theories with Gods creation. Remember we have “fallen”, plummeted down, banished from, forced to vacate, disconnected, from a more perfect state. we are lower forms..less luminous..less intelligent,,weaker and less enlightened than Gods citizens, the angels and archangels and other beings in heaven or Paradise. Angels are awesome and huge beyond description. A whole different scale of things than what we perceive down here..”but the times they are a changin”, as Bob Dylan announced a while back.

Bro. Frances Bacon, in his work "Organum Scientarium", and his tale about “the secret brotherhood”, “The New Atlantis”


said,"Man by his fall, fell at the same time from his state of innocence and from his dominion over nature. Both of these losses, however, can, even in this life be in some part repaired. The former by Religion and Faith, the latter by the Arts and Sciences."

Therefore science as Science (art as Art), was understood by him, to be in the best sense, a spiritual activity. Bacon did not see Science as an independent or autonomous development. It was placed within the revelation of the scriptures at the point of the fall yet within that "form", Science and Art, were free and at intrinsic value before God.
Autonomous, Science or Art, is mistaken if it tries to free itself from what God has told us in His Word. You must have the scriptures speaking truth about the area where the Bible touches History and the Cosmos.
On the side of infinity we are separated from God entirely, on the side of personality we are made in the image of God, so God can speak the truth about himself, not exhaustively but truly.
The revelation of Christ comes from scriptures. Jesus himself, did not make a distinction between his authority and the authority of written scriptures. He acted upon the unity of his authority and the content of the scriptures.
In a similar vein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, (nuclear psycisist, Sanskrit scholar and yogi seer) one of the creators of the atomic bomb said, "Christianity created a climate of thought which put man in a position to investigate (navigate) the form of the universe.
Copernicus, the Renaissance astronomer whose theory of a heliocentric universe had overturned the earth-centered complacency of the Church in the Middle Ages, had said quite openly that he had arrived at his revolutionary insights by studying the secret writings of the ancient Egyptians, including the hidden works of Thoth (Hermes) himself.

Christian..please keep in mind that the bible starts out in Genesis, eons before God singled out the Jewish nation under the fatherhood of Abraham. There is much information as well as many clues in the Old Testament that describe ancient truths about mankind and our nature that we need to consider as part of the story about the origins of mankind and about the plans and purposes of God.
Newton's quest for truth and his determination to spend his life unlocking so many of natures (Gods) truths were based on his personal mystic awareness of the unity of all things starting with the bible and by extension nature and the entire cosmos. Newton believed that we need to look backwards in time into antiquity as well as lookingorward, to find the purest forms of the information and knowledge we need to advance spiritually.

He believed that the ancients, the Egyptians, the Greeks, Persians, and others, had discovered essential truths that are required to better shape our understanding about life, nature, God and the cosmos itself. Remember Melchizedek, the strange personage that blessed Abraham at a critical moment of crises? The Word calls him King of Peace (Salem) “He had no father, no mother no beginning and no end of days”, (which means he is still around), and has been a a priest forever and Jesus was made a high priest after him..after his authority not the Levitical Jewish priests that came after Melchizedek in history. But that’s another story for later.

It is no secret that “the church” has always been slow to accept new ideas and discoveries outside its narrow confines, like hand me down clothes within a family, inherited traditions ar passed down from generation to generation without question. The above ground church is notoriously rigid and because of its formula, business as usual, mentality with its “in house” rules and teachings that do not deviate from the party line, and their cemeta..Ooops seminaries that teach each particular sects dogmas, they tend to be closed minded to information that is discovered outside its walls and borders, especially if it conflicts with some of its pet doctrines, even when it is based on the Holy Scriptures. Remember the trials and tribulations that martin Luther suffered when he discovered the profound truth in the Holy Scriptures that “we are saved by faith and not by works lest any man should boast” That certainly is not what God intended when He started this enterprise but it certainly is what has happened by the men that try to control her..the church that is. God will always find a way to circumvent the status quo whenever and wherever He wills.

The birth and the growth of this United States from its prayerfully and carefully crafted origins by devout men and women, from many and diverse religions, philosophies and beliefs, attests to the fact that freedom of thought is vital and paramount to the success of invention and discovery. The wisdom that went into the founding of this nation was awesome and the words of Jesus of “render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God what is Gods” has proven to be exactly why we are (or were, before this current “theocracy” has attempted to capture the minds and hearts of the masses with their efforts to drag us back into the past, back into the medieval domination by the politically ambitious priests with dark hidden agendas), the envy of the world. The freedom to choose what if any, “organized”, religion we want to study or practice is essential to build and invent and create the pluralistic (ie, democratic not autocratic or theocratic) society we enjoy today..but it is under attack as never before because Satan has failed in Heaven and was thrown down here for his final titanic efforts to bedevil, derail, and destroy us, and especially the Lords lets open our minds and hearts to this “new thing” Jesus is preparing for His bride, the pregnant Woman Clothed by the Sun, standing on the moon with a crown of twelve stars” about to give birth to a new thing, a child. Remember “a little child shall lead them”.

I am going to leave you with some clues that will be developed later in this treatise..

Ecclesiastes Chapter 11-7 Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun:

Eccles. 7 Wisdom is good with an inheritance: and by it there is profit to them that see the sun.

In the morning Sun I find it, there my eyes are fix'd, in happy copulation.
Bro. WILLIAM BLAKE Vision of the daughters of Albion.

Matthew 6;22, The light (lamp) of the body is the eye: therefore, if the eye is single, thy whole body will be filled with light. (So the corollary is also true, if the whole body is filled with light the eye will be single.)

Cor. 15;51 We shall all be changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye... think SUN

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